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May was the month when my world got a little crazy. This girl was wearing one too many hats and had to put one on the shelf for a while. That hat was "blog writer." Now I know this was heartbreaking to my millions of adoring fans...but something had to go. 

May was also a very exciting month for my little family. We finished construction on our forever home, moved in, and closed out the school year... which meant I could take off another hat for a short while [teacher]. 

I might not have been writing over the summer...but I was definitely shooting. Maybe not as much as last summer...but there are still some blog worthy shoots I would like to share with you all. I chose to ration my photography shoots this summer in order to get our home put together and spend more time with my family. My little is growing up way too fast and will be THREE in two weeks! GAH! Times like these I am so glad I am passionate about photography. I have more pictures of Lucas than I know what to do with. It's also why I feel so privileged to capture images for you and your families...because I know how important photos are. 

This summer I reconnected with past clients and formed friendships with new ones. So if you're up for it, take a quick trip with me through the months of May, June, July, and August... and see what I've been up to. :) 


I'm gonna kill two birds with one stone here. I met Preston, Jenny, + Amelia in May when we took maternity/third birthday photos at their beautiful home. Fast-forward a few weeks and we're taking newborn pictures in June. :) So here are some of my favorites of this beautiful family [before and after Russell's arrival]!

Next up is a gorgeous gal that stole my heart. Brittney was a senior at Central School last year, and one that I became very close to. She is now playing ball at college and living the life! Before she ran off to start her life, I captured some of my favorite senior portraits with this beauty.

Moving right along to the last session I missed in May- the super sweet Turner Family. Another crew that I recently met and just adore! This family of four is so sweet and I was lucky enough to capture a big moment for them- Miss Claire's first birthday pictures. :)


June was definitely an exciting month for me because I shot another wedding. If I'm being honest, wedding photography is where I REALLY want to take this business. So with each wedding I do, I feel like I'm getting a little closer to achieving that goal. But before we get to the "I Do's" there are a few other important sessions to look back at. 

The Moye family is slammed with handsome fellas and one gorgeous (and outnumbered) mama! I adore this group and have known them for many years now. I feel very blessed to call them friends and honored to capture images like these for them!

June was also an exciting month for the Smith family, as baby Tate turned 3 months old. Oh how I adore those piercing blue eyes!! Lucky me, I have known Brittany (mommy) my whole life and attend church with this beautiful family... so I get Tate snuggles on a weekly basis! 

Another little one celebrated a big milestone this summer, too. Miss Audrey turned one and I was privileged to be present at her big birthday celebration, capturing memories for her precious family. Since my first session with the Harrington family they have probably sent me close to a dozen new clients. They are so very sweet to me and I cannot thank them enough for believing in my little business and helping me pursue this dream of mine. 

And finally... the wedding. Levi and Emily said "I do" this summer and I was fortunate to be there and see it all go down! As I mentioned earlier, one of my goals for this business is to break into the wedding scene more. I really enjoy the craziness of it all. Weddings are stressful, but they're fun. Spending the whole day wrapped up in the commitment that two people are making to one another and God makes it all worth it to me. 


July was probably my slowest month. I tried really hard to stay out of the heat lol. Not really, but I did have less inquiries because of said heat! No one wants to take pictures with pit stains... gross. I was able to do a lot of decorating and organizing in the new house, but I also met a precious baby boy in July. ;) The Joiners welcomed me into their home to capture some images of sweet little Tennyson. This was super special to me because I work with Tennyson's mommy at school. It's always a nice compliment when people you know trust your work and choose you. So here are a few of my favorites from their session...

This next session was very exciting for me... because it leads to another wedding! Elizabeth and Devin are super sweet and crazy in love! They're getting hitched this weekend on the beach, so it seemed fitting to do their engagement pictures there as well. 


First up is a beautiful bride that wanted a rustic, country shoot. Samantha was gorgeous in her lacy gown as she strutted her stuff through the fields and woods. I'm always impressed by brides that aren't stressed about getting their gowns dirty. I personally never had bridal portraits made, but I think I would have been a hot mess, worrying about every speck of dust that hit my dress. Not Samantha, she was cool as a cucumber... or as cool as she could be in 90 degree Florida heat, while wearing a big puffy dress. :)

Bridals were followed by baby... Baby Marshall to be exact. I attended school with Brady's dad [Jonathan] so I was excited to meet his little bundle of joy. Brady and his beautiful mommy [Shelby] came to my home for a studio type session. He wasn't too sure about being away from his house and made us work for these cute little images. 

Next up is a beautiful new Mommy, another former classmate of mine. Erin recently delivered a beautiful baby boy and I could not be happier for her and Rod! Here are a few from her maternity shoot, as well as the little stud muffin himself. :)

Babies were all over the place in August! One maternity session followed another... but I'm going to jump ahead a little here and share some September images too, because this baby already made her appearance! Amy, Ben, and Noah are a precious little family that I was privileged to meet in August, before Rose made her appearance. I was so excited when we ended our maternity session with booking Rose's newborn shoot. I love building a relationship with my clients and even more, watching their little ones grow up! So here's a few pre-Rose and a few of the little princess herself. 

Continuing with the baby trend... my darling niece is up next. I cannot believe that I am a great aunt! Shyan just delivered a healthy baby boy and our family is smitten! Here are some of my favorites from Shyan and Kenneth's maternity session + some newborn hospital photos of sweet little Zander!

And FINALLY- the last of my summer sessions... Mr. B! Bryson helped me close out summer with his second birthday shoot. This little country boy just wanted to play in the dirt with his tractors, but we managed to snag some adorable photos in the process. :)

Well... there you have it folks, my summer in high resolution. :) I cannot begin to thank my clients enough, I absolutely LOVE this job and the people I have the pleasure of working with. 

Now then... there's a wedding to blog about. 

<3 Nikki






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